In accordance with the TAPA Bylaws, TAPA invites fellow members to make candidate recommendations to the TAPA Board of Directors for the following positions: 
  • Knoxville Region Director
  • Jackson Region Director*
  • Memphis Region Director
  • AAPA House of Delegates (4)
Nominations are due on or before April 15, 2018. Nominations should be submitted to info@tnpa.com. Self-nominations are encouraged.
In 2013, TAPA members amended the TAPA bylaws regarding the structure of the TAPA Board of Directors. As a result, members elect the following positions during odd years: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, and the following Region Directors: Tri-Cities, Chattanooga and Nashville. 
On even years such as this year, TAPA members elect the following positions: Regional Directors – Knoxville, Jackson* and Memphis.
Each year, TAPA members also elect their AAPA House of Delegates representatives, as these terms are one-year terms. This year, members will be electing delegates to the 2019 AAPA House of Delegates in Denver.
Click on the following to view position descriptions for these offices: Regional director; AAPA House of Delegates
All nominees must be members in good standing of TAPA and AAPA.
The members of the TAPA Board of Directors are the stewards of TAPA and are responsible for reflecting the views and interests of all of our members. The Board also provides leadership, a shared vision and sense of mission for the Academy and is responsible for the fiscal health of the Academy. We encourage nominations of TAPA fellow members to ensure the leadership reflects the geographic distribution and gender distribution of our membership. 
Please take a few minutes and think about whether you or someone you know would be a good choice for a leadership position with TAPA. If you do, please nominate them. A list of characteristics and attributes of the ideal candidate are listed below. Before nominating someone, please check with the member to make sure they are willing to accept the nomination. 
The TAPA Board of Directors election ballots will be conducted via e-ballot this year. Voting will begin May 1 and will end June 15. Election results will be announced July 1. We look forward to bringing you a full slate of candidates to continue providing support and advocacy for PAs in Tennessee and championing patient-centered quality care.
*On Saturday, April 7, TAPA members will vote on a bylaws change to create a new Jackson Region and incorporate the Clarksville Region into the Nashville Region.