Scholarship Recipients

At FallFest 2016, the Tennessee PA Foundation was able, with everyone’s kind donations over the past year, to distribute $4,500 in scholarships to deserving students based on past and present achievement, PA goals and financial needs. Scholarship recipients are listed below.

Kendall Bush was one of the $1000 J.C. Carey Memorial Scholarship winners from the Bethel University PA program. Kendall graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a B.S. in Biology prior to applying to Bethel’s PA program. Kendall’s application highlights included a 4.0 current GPA, the importance throughout life of having short -term, midrange and long-term goals, and she proceeded to outline these goals in her life such as graduating and passing PANCE, the importance of family, and long-term goals not just for her own career but opportunities she hopes to initiate for the PA Profession. Kendall is also her class’s student director to TAPA.

Allison Key of the Trevecca Nazarene University PA program also was awarded a $1000 J.C. Carey Memorial Scholarship. Allison is a graduate of MTSU with a Bachelor of Science. Allison decided to become a PA after her introduction to the profession in the Army National Guard where she was supervised by PAs and noted their passion in caring for their patients. Allison was a member of the Army National Guard as a medic and found it “gratifying to take the fear out of a procedure by taking the time to explain the process to the patient”. She went on to remark, “the trust patients put in their healthcare provider calls on the provider to give their utmost back.” Her long-term goal is to work in family practice or women’s health.

Another J.C. Carey Memorial Scholarship for $500 was awarded to Katey Gray from Christian Brothers University. Katey decided on the PA profession after graduating first from Clemson University and then working in international ministry and as an athletics coach. Katey commented on the fear, stress and rigors of entering the PA program: “The didactic phase has been very refining for me. My ambition has been honed and my resolve sharpened, but more importantly I have found the confidence of humility in this process. Ultimately, I have learned to love that I get to learn. It is a privilege and an honor that carries great responsibility - a weight that should be respected. I would love to be described as a PA that is intuitive, meticulous, competent and helpful. Above all else, my professional and career goals are to be a woman of character.” Words of wisdom that would benefit most PA students - and practicing PAs.

Jordan Osborn from the Lincoln Memorial University PA program was the recipient of another J.C. Carey Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $500. Jordan is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. She credits her mother, who is a nurse practitioner, for having a contagious passion for helping people she passed on to her.

Jordan initially had a hard time finding a medical provider to shadow, making more than 50 contacts with no response. But a PA named Joe practicing in cardiothoracic surgery opened the door for her to shadow and in so doing, also became her mentor and helped her in so many different areas to prepare her for PA school and for life.

She states when she becomes a PA, she wants to help other aspiring students the way she was helped. “I do not want anyone to give up on their dreams of practicing medicine because they do not have resources.” I want to leave the legacy that my mother instilled in me to never quit fighting for something that you want because resources are out there, and I intend to be that resource someday.”

The Foundation also awarded two James Montag, Jr. Military Service Scholarships to PA students with experience in our Armed Forces. Bradley Irvin of the South College PA Program was awarded the $1000 scholarship. Bradley is a graduate of the East Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science. He then attended the Army Reserves Military Radiology Technologist Program at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, where he was exposed to many soldiers in the Interservice PA Program. From there he was deployed to Iraq where he worked alongside many encouraging PAs. Upon returning to the United States, he worked in X-Ray, CT and as a PACS Administrator while completing his PA school prerequisites before being accepted to the South College PA Program.

Bradley proceeded to speak of firsthand experiences of a family medical crisis and understands what patients and their families go through. He is thankful for the support and prayers they received in their most difficult times and hopes to return the favors many times over in other people’s lives. Incidentally, his favorite activity is spending quality time with his family.

The final James Montag, Jr. Military Service Scholarship for $500 was awarded to Elliott Clark of the South College PA Program. Elliott attended Marietta College and Kent State University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. He was a Ranger Medic for the 3rd Ranger Battalion and served three tours in Afghanistan.

After he graduates, Elliott wants to serve those who serve our country by becoming a PA in the National Guard. He hopes also to become active in other avenues to benefit our veterans by serving on important committees and becoming a veterans’ advocate wherever he can.

As one can see, the Foundation’s scholarship recipients have many varied experiences and paths leading to their decision and acceptance into Tennessee PA programs. Each is unique, and we wish there was time and space to relate so many more great words from these students.

Special thanks to Jim Montag for his support in offering the James Montag, Jr. Military Scholarship, and to former TAPA president Johnna Yealy (now leading a PA program in Tampa, Fla.) who is a dedicated supporter of the J.C. Carey Memorial Scholarship as J.C. was a friend and mentor to her and so many other PAs in the state - both as students and as practicing PAs. And thanks to so many other PAs who have donated to the J.C. Carey Scholarship and helped the Foundation in many other ways.