As the only organization looking out for the interests of Tennessee PAs, the Tennessee Academy of Physician Assistants (TAPA) invites you to join fellow practicing PAs and become a part of your state’s professional Academy. What are you waiting for? You belong with TAPA!

Why should you be a member?

Being a member of TAPA demonstrates a commitment to your profession. As a TAPA member, you contribute your time and finances to ensure that Tennessee has a successful organization looking out for the interests of PAs and the patients they serve.


Advocacy – The practice of medicine is one of the most regulated professions in the United States. Decisions are made each day in meeting rooms in Washington and Nashville that affect how you do your job each day. Throughout the year, legislative hearings and regulatory meetings are held while you are at your practice caring for patients. You don’t have time to track changes to statutes and rules, but TAPA is here to help. Our professional staff attends and monitors these meetings to advocate on behalf of you and your patients, and then report back to members on meeting outcomes.

Do you know what the state legislature passed this session, or what the current workers’ comp rules say about PAs? What about current CME licensure requirements? If you were a member of TAPA, you would know.

Legal Advice – TAPA is fortunate to have a contract attorney who has worked with PAs for more than two decades. He advises the TAPA Board of Directors on legislative and legal issues, but he also consults with TAPA members on various issues as a member benefit. Need an employment contract reviewed? He can help. Have a legal question that needs answered? He can help. Members can simply contact the TAPA office to schedule a consultation.

Reimbursement – Dealing with insurance companies is always a challenge for healthcare providers. Did you know that TAPA has contacts at various payers, both commercial and public (TennCare/Medicare), and can help you cut through the red tape to get the answers that you need?

Communications – TAPA regularly communicates with TAPA members to bring them up to speed on things they need to know. Whether it is a change in Tennessee law, an upcoming education program, or a new rule or regulation, TAPA works hard to filter through the noise and give members the information they need at their fingertips. TAPA members receive a quarterly newsletter for in-depth coverage of issues and TAPA news, and biweekly e-blasts that inform them of “breaking news”.

Discounts – As a member of TAPA, individuals are entitled to a variety of discounts. Did you know that TAPA members receive deep discounts of $100-175 off Spring Fling or FallFest CME conference registration? TAPA also offers an online Prescribing Practices course that enables Tennessee licensees to meet their 2-hour CME requirement during each license cycle, and TAPA members receive a $100 discount on this course. TAPA has developed a protocol template for Tennessee PAs to use to meet their legal practice requirements, and TAPA members receive a $200 discount on this tool. TAPA also has an agreement with ExamMaster to offer a 15-percent discount on PANCE and PANRE review tools. With so many discounts, TAPA members quickly recoup the cost of their annual membership dues!

Networking – Finally, and most importantly, TAPA provides networking opportunities for PAs across the state. As many practicing PAs know, Tennessee is very much a “word of mouth” employment environment, with PAs typically learning about hiring opportunities by networking with fellow PAs. Networking can also result in patient referrals and medical collaboration. TAPA’s regional dinner meetings and CME conferences are terrific opportunities to meet with colleagues.

Won’t you join your PA colleagues and become a member of TAPA today? Membership information can be found at

FallFest – Gatlinburg, Tenn.