The mission of TAPA’s political action committee (PAC) is to allow the individual PA to share in the opportunity to support candidates for the Tennessee legislature who have demonstrated their belief and understanding of the principles to which the profession is dedicated. TAPA PAC gives PAs a collective voice in the electoral process. By contributing to TAPA PAC, PAs combine their resources in order to make significant contributions to candidates who appreciate and support the role that PAs play in the delivery of healthcare in Tennessee.

The practice of medicine is heavily regulated by state government. With the stroke of a pen, a bill can be signed into law that can significant impact the PA Practice Act – for better or for worse. In order to preserve the current practice environment, PAs must be vigilant and proactive in supporting candidates who support PAs and their physician-led teams.

Political campaigns are expensive. In order to run a successful campaign, candidates need appropriate resources. TAPA PAC can help by directing the contributions made by PAs to key legislative races. In order to have a strong voice, TAPA PAC needs the participation of all practicing PAs in Tennessee. A contribution to TAPA PAC is an investment in your career and the future of the PA profession.


♦ Monthly or quarterly contributions: Making a small donation, such as $25 a month, can quickly add up to a significant yearly investment. To authorize regular charges to your credit card, click here to download the Automatic Contribution Form and return it to TAPA via fax, email or mail.
♦ Online: Make a one-time or periodic contributions online by clicking here.
♦ Check: Checks should be made out to “TAPA PAC” and mailed to PO Box 150785, Nashville, TN 37215